Conference for Interdisciplinary Approaches to Politics

Keynote Speakers

Mihaela Mihai, University of Edinburghmihai

Mihaela Mihai is a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, and primary investigator of Illuminating the “Grey Zone”: Addressing Complex Complicity in Human Rights Violations, a project funded by the European Research Council.

Her current research interests connect political theory, political science, and law, as she considers the role of political emotions, judgement, the politics of memory, art and politics, and gender. Alongside significant journal article contributions on these topics, she recently published a monograph with Columbia University Press, Negative Emotions and Transitional Justice and is the co-editor of Reclaiming Democracy: Judgment, Responsibility and the Right to Politics and On the uses and Abuses of Political Apologies.


elizabethfrazerElizabeth Frazer, University of Oxford

Prof. Elizabeth Frazer is Head of the Department of Politics and International Relations at The University of Oxford, and has been an official Fellow and Tutor in Politics at New College, Oxford since 1991.

Elizabeth’s current research interests include political education and broader understandings of ‘what politics ought to be’, as well as political violence and its justification. ‘Drawing the line between violence and non-violence in Gandhi and Fanon: Deceits and conceits’, an article written in collaboration with Kimberly Hutchings, was published last year by Routledge in the edited volume Masquerades of War.



Past CIAP keynote speeches were given by Garrett Brown (University of Sheffield) and Patrick Hayden (University of St Andrews).

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